Wrought Iron Fence Dallas Texas

There is nothing quite like pure elegance of a wrought iron fence Dallas  to beautify a property. There are many different styles available and our wrought iron fences are hand made in the USA to exacting standards. It will emanate a stately, ornamental dignity for your home, yard or commercial property.

Wrought iron fence is not only beautiful, it’s extremely practical and functional at the same time. It can function as an excellent security fence, pool enclosure, perimeter fence or even driveway access.

Wrought iron is essentially made from solid steel so it has to be created with the right methods to ensure that it lasts an extended time. It’s not unusual for a good quality wrought iron fence to last for 50 or even 60 years. If it’s been manufactured cheaply you will be lucky if it lasts a decade. We cut and weld our fences off-site at our factory then afterwards deliver it to your premises in panels, which we then assemble.

This kind of fencing keeps trespassers away from your property with its intimidating appearance and sharp spikes. It’s sturdy and enough to keep kids and pets inside, while also maintaining visual sightline so outsiders can see your beautiful garden and you can see your neighbors. It’s definitely one of the safest fencing options since it’s impossible to break and extremely difficult to climb over, especially if you choose a really spiky and intimidating design.

A good wrought iron fence only looks better as the years pass because it’s designed to age gracefully with the weather beating down on it serving to increase its authentic look. It needs hardly any maintenance once installed, but occasionally you might want to give it a scrub down with a wire brush and some water. Every few years you might choose to repaint it too but that’s purely up to personal preference.

While it looks extremely beautiful, lasts forever and has all the benefits of line of vision, it’s not the cheapest fencing solution around. However, many property experts believe that it adds a lot of value to a property than the cost is easily offset within just a few years.

We are the leading fencing contractor in Dallas. We always arrive promptly, plan everything carefully and straighten up after ourselves.

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